Daily Blog #324: Voltatility GUI by Andrew Nind

Hello Reader,
            One of my favorite things about this year of blogging is how many of you I've now been in contact with. I find DFIR work to be fascinating and I love to meet those who share my passion and start their own projects. One such person doing so is Andrew Nind who is developing a GUI in C# for Volatility as a way to teach himself C#.

You can download the project here:

Give the Volatility GUI Plugin Manager a try and give some feedback to Andrew, its what those of us who put out projects are always looking for. I for one look forward to using this in my work as I think it will help those like me who use Volatility but not on a daily basis. I usually have to go back to the help screen and look up plugin names and options each time I run it so this will help speed my work up when memory forensics is required.

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