Daily Blog #324: Voltatility GUI by Andrew Nind

Voltatility GUI by Andrew Nind

Hello Reader,
            One of my favorite things about this year of blogging is how many of you I've now been in contact with. I find DFIR work to be fascinating and I love to meet those who share my passion and start their own projects. One such person doing so is Andrew Nind who is developing a GUI in C# for Volatility as a way to teach himself C#.

You can download the project here:

Give the Volatility GUI Plugin Manager a try and give some feedback to Andrew, its what those of us who put out projects are always looking for. I for one look forward to using this in my work as I think it will help those like me who use Volatility but not on a daily basis. I usually have to go back to the help screen and look up plugin names and options each time I run it so this will help speed my work up when memory forensics is required.

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