Friday, May 2, 2014

Daily Blog #313: Forensic Lunch 5/2/14 Open Chat!

Hello Reader,
We had a very interesting forensic lunch today. Lee Whitfield, @lee_whitfield and Suzanne Widdup, SuzanneWidup, joined us and your comments in an open discussion. We discussed an article linked by Brian Moran located here: all about how some malware researchers are accessing bad guy forums using Heartbleed.

We also got linked to a great case brief by Jason Alvarado, US v Jarrett, you can read here: that is all about an anonymous vigilante in Turkey who provided evidence to the FBI about a pedophile. Who in the end got the evidence thrown out of court as the vigilante was not a government agent and the evidence was inadmissible.

All in all a very interesting 45 minutes of discussion, we also talked about my beard, and I hope you agree this experiment was semi-successful. I plan to try this again and hopefully more of you will participate!

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