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Daily Blog #299: Forensic Lunch 4/18/14

Hello Reader,
        well we thought we fixed our sound issues but they krept back in today. We will be fixing this next week so don't fear! However the good news is that its just our sound that sounds muffled, our guests sound great! So please watch our following guests talk about their very interesting topics.

This week we had, in order of appearance:
Santiago Ayala, @darthsaac, talking about his career in DFIR leading up to his nomination for a Forensic 4cast award nomination as Digital Forensic Examiner of the year! Listen to what Santiago has to say to see if you want to vote for him!

Lee Reiber, @celldet, talking about a couple things:
His upcoming trainings at the AccessData Users Conference on MPE+ , mobile forensics and python scripting with MPE+:
His upcoming talk at the SANS DFIR Summit called Peeling the Application Like an Onion which focuses on analysis of mobile applications, check out more here
and a good discussion on mobile forensics in its current state and where things are headed.

Chris Pogue, @cpbeefcake, talking about a couple things:
His upcoming talk at the SANS DFIR Summit called The Life Cycle of Cybercrime which focuses on the complete life of a case from where it starts to how law enforcement gets involved locally and globally, check out more here
All about Sniper forensics, his team at Trustwave and the difficulties of doing DFIR around the world.

Daily Blog #299: Forensic Lunch 4/18/14 Reviewed by David Cowen on April 18, 2014 Rating: 5

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