Daily Blog #297: TriForce beta ends in two weeks

TriForce beta ends in two weeks by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
       For those of you hoping to try the full version of the Triforce Advanced NTFS Journal Parser before the beta ends you have two weeks left to do so. You can sign up for the beta here:


Which will provide you with a link to the this months beta. We have another beta version being sent out this week so you can test the new filter features we showed on the forensic lunch on friday and general stability. In addition now that the rules engine is finished we will be pushing out and testing our full signatures for automatic detection of wipes, timestamp changes, cd burns, deletions, ntfs-3g writes and other interesting things.

In addition you should know that we plan to take care of our beta testers once the beta ends. We appreciate the testing and feedback that we've received and will be offering a one time beta presale to only those who participated in the beta. You should also know that we don't plan to make this a dongle protected product and instead will be licensing this with a license file with offline activation so that you can run the Triforce on any system even within an air gaped lab.

We will have a full product website up soon and a FAQ for questions a long with a real manual, video tutorials and more! So my suggestion would be that if you haven't signed up for the beta that you should do so. We have a long development road map ahead and are very excited on where we plan to take this tool and technology.

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