Daily Blog #285: Forensic Lunch 4/4/14 - Discussion with Dave Hull and Joe Sylve

Hello Reader,
    What a great Forensic Lunch we had this week!

This week we had:
Dave Hull from Microsoft, you can follow Dave on Twitter @davehull , his blog http://trustedsignal.blogspot.com/ and on github https://github.com/davehull.
You should come to the SANS DFIR Summit and see him there as well!

Vico Marizale or Joe Sylve from 504ensics came back for their 3rd week of commitment! @vicomarziale and @jsylve. You should get involved with their new registry timestamp project by emailing them info@504labs.com to get their tool and start helping to discover unknown registry timestamps!

If you are not going to ADUC or CEIC you should also consider going to B-Sides NOLA, learn more about it here: 

Watch it below, or click on the video to watch it on Youtube:

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