Daily Blog #283: Forensic 4cast voting

Forensic 4cast voting by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Thank You Reader!,
        Due to your kind nominations this blog and the new book are up for Forensic 4cast awards! Just being nominated is awesome and very motivating. It's not a secret that we as a community are not very prone to feedback, so when you do hear from someone in the form of an email/comment or nomination it helps you know that someone out there is reading. Sure I can check my web stats and see how many views a blog post gets, but actually getting some kind of response really is appreciated!

This year I've been nominated for:
  • Digital Forensic Blog of the Year and
  • Digital Forensic Book of the Year 
Please go vote for those you feel most deserve your vote, whether you think its me or someone else as there are several categories to vote on. Winning an award is well, great! I have the Forensic 4cast award I won last year for 'Digital Forensic Article of the Year' in my display case. Not only does it look really neat, seriously its really cool, it helps motivate me to keep researching and sharing with the larger community. So please vote and let your voice be hard!

You can vote here: http://forensic4cast.com/forensic-4cast-awards/

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