Daily Blog #277: Sample Forensic Images

Sample Forensic Images by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
              One of things we built for the book 'infosec pro guide to computer forensics' was a set of images to practice each of the investigative how-to chapters. I used one as a Sunday Funday contest but at the time I was having problems putting them someplace where they wouldn't get taken down due to large bandwidth usage. Luckily this is no longer a problem thanks to mega and their very cheap and generous file sharing/hosting plans. So here are the forensic images we made for the book for you to download and try on your own. Having the book will help you understand the scenario/what to expect to find but you should be able to solve these images without any other information.

Chapter 11 Image - HR Cases (Porn)

Chapter 12 Image Scenario 1 - Administrator Abuse of privileges

Chapter 12 Image Scenario 2 - Administrator Abuse of privileges

Chapter 13 Image - Stealing Information

Chapter 14 Image - Internal Leaks

Chapter 15 Image- Keyloggers and Malware

Have fun, we will be posting up video walk through of these images and reports of results in the near future so you can learn how to solve them as well.

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