Daily Blog #225: Sunday Funday Winner? Forensic Lunch announcements!

Sunday Funday Winner? Forensic Lunch announcements!

Hello Reader,
       Normally I'd be filling this post with accolades towards a winning answer and revealing the answer to those of you watching from home. I say normally because I guess the world was transfixed on the superbowl and not forensics as I got zero entries for this weeks Sunday Funday. 

I'll go ahead and write a series on Microsoft Office document forensics to supplement the hole this leaves in corpus of knowledge this year of blog has made, right after I finish the RHEL forensics series.

So I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know about the amazing Forensic Lunch we have lined up for the next couple of Weeks.


2/7/2014 - Robert  Wallace, Matt Bromiley, Willi Ballenthin & Brian Moran

2/14/2014 - Zoltan Szabo & David Cate

2/21/2014 - Lenny Zeltser  & Jon Stewart

2/28/2014 - Jack Crook & Mark Spencer

That's right we have guests lined up for the next 4 weeks. Something I haven't been able to accomplish until this point! As you can see I still have room for more guests this month so if you want to be on the lunch let me know! dcowen@g-cpartners.com

I'll be generating RSVP links for each lunch through the day but here is the Google Hangout on Air event page for this week's Forensic Lunch.


  • Robert Wallace & Matt Bromiley talking about how they are using hadoop and other architecture to work with big data breaches
  • Willi Ballenthin,+Willi Ballenthin talking about his work in DFIR and he's recently released tools working with NTFS
  • Brian Moran,+Brian Moran talking about his work in memory forensics and other fun topic
There is so much going on in the world of DFIR, take an hour off from your day and bring in your lunch and learn about what everyone else is doing to keep up and stay ahead.

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