Daily Blog #207: SWGDE new best practices published

SWGDE new best practices published

Hello Reader,
            If you've followed the blog for awhile you know that I am a member and a supporter of the efforts of the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE). We just finished up our meeting for the quarter and two documents have left public comment status:

This document provides tech notes in examination of OSX systems:


This document makes examiners aware of potential issues with UEFI in imaging:


and moved into official public documents.

One document that should be released for public comment in the next few weeks is a best practices for dealing with skimming devices. When it's up for review I'll link it so you can join in on the public comment period with any concerns or suggestions you have.

I like SWGDE because they are working hard to put out good best practices, training guidelines, and guidance to those of us in the field. SWGDE has put out a lot of great information, which you can see here: https://www.swgde.org/documents/Current%20Documents

For those of you like me who are in the private sector, you should know that SWGDE now allows us full membership. If you want your input and ideas to be included in future SWGDE documents you should consider filling out a guest request:


and coming to a meeting to see if its for you.

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