Daily Blog #194: Forensic Lunch 1/3/14 - Discussion with Sean Conover, Nicole Ibrahim, and Lee Whitefield

Hello Reader,
          We had a great forensic lunch today! Today we had in alphabetical order by last name:

Sean Conover from Sony Online Entertainment talking about his work doing memory analysis and forensics to stop game cheats. Follow him at https://twitter.com/seanconover

Nicole Ibrahim, now from G-C Partners, talking about her research into USB storage drivers including MSC, MTP and PTP. You can read Nicole's Blog here: http://nicoleibrahim.com/

Lee Whitefield, from Digital Discovery, talking about the forensic 4cast awards which are now available for 2014 nominations! You can nominate someone here: http://forensic4cast.com/2014/01/4cast-awards-2014-nominations/

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