Daily Blog #192: Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014 by David Cowen - Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics Blog

Hello Reader,
        It's 2014 and the world still hasn't ended, which means we have more time for DFIR work and research in our lives before 2027. I need a little time to get a good MTP sample set together so I thought I would take today to look back at 2013 and what I'm looking forward to in 2014.


2013 was a pretty great year at G-C and for me.
  • Officially opened the beta for the Advanced NTFS Journal Parser
  • Launched the beta for the Advanced HFS+ Journal Parser
  • Presented at CEIC, SANS DFIR Summit, HTCIA Austin, Bsides DFW, TexasLawyer Technology Summit, The Masters Conference and PFIC
  • Launched another successful campaign at NCCDC 2013
  • Start the blog a day challenge and now 1/2 done
  • Started our official intern program
  • Opened an office in Silicon Valley
  • Starting learning python
  • Put out a new book
  • Got a smoker, smoked lots of things
  • Started the forensic lunch
  • Got to meet the future DFIR rockstars at Champlain
  • Continued to learn and discover new forensic artifacts
  • Got to meet lots of great DFIR peers out there and geek out about research and analysis
  • Started the Encyclopedia Forensica
  • Won a 4Cast Award for Best DFIR Article!


 Now that year is over this is what I'm planning to do in 2014
  • Release a commercial version of ANJP as well as maintain the free version
  • Launch the beta of our Plist parser
  • Get perl-TSK integration finished and open sourced onto CPAN
  • Finish the third edition of Hacking Exposed: Computer Forensics
  • Write two SANS classes along with my great co-authors
  • Hopefully present at CEIC, ADUC, PFIC, HTCIA, SANS DFIR Summit and Bsides
  • Get our new intern up to speed
  • Teach SANS 408
  • Finish the blog a day challenge, and then see what I want to do after
  • Continue to work on the Encyclopedia Forensica
  • Be a good dad
  • Get more of you to get on the Forensic Lunch
  • Get even better prizes for Sunday Fundays 
  • Unleash a new campaign of fun at NCCDC 2014
  • Book a cruise
  • Learn more python 
  • Finish the Windows Internals books
  • Do more research!
What are you proud of in 2013?
What do you hope to do in 2014?
What can we  do to help you in your goal?
Let me know in the comments and have a great and prosperous new year.

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