Daily Blog #185: Merry Christmas

Hello Reader,
            Merry Christmas to those of you celebrate it. As I did with thanksgiving I smoked a meal for my family and I thought I would share it with you as well. Tomorrow we'll get back to forensics.

HECFBlog Smoked Prime Rib

Step 1. The night before you plan to cook, get a 'standing rib roast' which is butcher terms for a prime rib roast.
Step 2. Mix some spice (salt/pepper or montreal steak seasoning whatever you prefer) with Worcestershire
Step 3. Place olive oil on the roast to help the spice mix you plan to on stick
Step 4. Rub the mixture all over the roast, cover it and place it in the fridge overnight as seen below:

Step 5. Get your smoker fired up and get the temperature to 225, I use a weber smokey mountain
Step 6. Get the prime rib onto the smoker and plan about 3-4 hours of cooking time until the interior of the middle of the roast reaches 135
Step 7. Take the prime rib off the smoker and onto a direct heat grill or if you are using a grill converted into a smoker place the roast onto the direct heat. You are looking to sear the meat and this should just take a couple minutes per side.
Step 8. Remove from the heat and enjoy!

There you go, and let's get back into the normal flow of things tomorrow.

Friday we are going to have a special holiday Forensic Lunch where anyone can join the video chat as long as slots are open!

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