Daily Blog #173: Forensic Lunch 12/13/13 - Discussion with Yogesh Kahtri on Windows 8 Registry Forensics Research

Hello Reader,
             It's Friday and we had another Forensic Lunch! This week with:

Yogesh Kahtri talking about his Windows 8 registry forensics research (You can read it here http://www.swiftforensics.com/ and email him yogesh@swiftforensics.com)

Dan Pullega talking about his extensive research into Windows Shellbags (http://www.4n6k.com/2013/12/shellbags-forensics-addressing.html and email Dan at dan.pullega@gmail.com)
David Dym talking about his new tool MetaDiver (You can download it here http://www.easymetadata.com/wp/)
and Matthew and myself talking about v3 of ANJP and demoing the auto detection of CD Burning.

Give it a watch and I hope you like it!

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