Friday, November 22, 2013

Daily Blog #152: Forensic Lunch 11/22/13

Hello Reader!,
            Another Forensic Lunch already? I know right! Another week has gone by and we have a great forensic lunch for you this week, not that i would tell you its not great every week. This week Mari DeGrazia join us to talk about her work building a python parser for recovering deleted data from SQLite databases and Eric Zimmerman came on to talk to us about passing the new X-ways Xpert certification and the upcoming OSTriage v2 which will be available for non law enforcement use!

You can read Mari's blog here: 
To read up more on OsTraige read the forensic focus thread here:

Want to be on the lunch? Just email me and I'd love to have you on!

BTW If you've been wanting to listen to the lunch as a podcast you can now! Just subscribe to it here:

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