Daily Blog #135: Converting MHT to PDF

Converting MHT to PDF

Hello Reader,
             I've spent most of day today trying to get data into a format that someone else can review. I'm using a tool called X1 Social Discovery which allows you to download, index and manage social media information from a variety of sources (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc...) but its ability to export the data in a form my client actually wants to review but still contain all the data he needs to review appear to be two different things. 

In the end the best view of the data I could find would create separate MHT files for each of the social media updates I captured. Herein lied today's frustration.

After exporting many a MHT file I hoped that I would be able to convert these with Adobe Acrobat, but it defaulted to opening the documents in Microsoft Word which did not render the MHT correctly. I attempted to combine the documents but MHT is not a supported file type for combining within Acrobat. I tried some programs that claimed to convert MHT to PDF's only to find they didn't embed the images within the MHT pages, just the HTML. I attempted to change the print to association of the file type to find that Opera (the browser that rendered them the best) does not have a print command line option.

After many hours of Google searching and the lament of similar people trying to accomplish the same task I found a blog that talked about a tool called VeryPDF HTML Converter. I grabbed a copy and sure enough, it worked! So now I will be able to deliver consolidated PDFs over numerous MHT files for review and go home.

I wanted to post this blog article, even though its outside the range of what I normally blog about, in the hopes that if you someday get stuck in this situation will find it and be able to solve your problem like I did. VeryPDF HTML Converter has a trial that allows 300 conversions and a license of the GUI only costs $59.

I hope this saves someones day.

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