Daily Blog #103: Forensic Lunch 10/4/13

Hello Reader,
          We really had a great Forensic Lunch this week. I changed up the format a bit and instead of people discussing new research I thought it would be interesting to take a panel approach to Incident Response from the ground up. To that end we had James Lohman (in my lab), Kyle Maxwell (Verizon Business) and Darren Windam (NGO) on to discuss how they deal with different stages of incidents, trends they are seeing and how to sell the tools necessary to do effective IR to management.

We aren't done and will reconeve next week on the same topic, if you have a perspective you want to add email me dcowen@g-cpartners.com to join the conversation in the video chat or ask questions live in the Q&A.

Here is this weeks lunch:
Make sure to come back tomorrow for a Saturday reading and get ready for another Sunday Funday!

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