Daily Blog #96: Forensic Lunch 9/27/13 - Discussion with Jake Willaims, Harlan Carvey, and Zoltan Szabo

Hello Reader,
          Today we had another great Forensic Lunch! On today's show we had:

Jake Williams - Talking about FOR 610 for sans and the addition of a whole 6th day for netwars style competition for malware reverse engineering, fun stuff!

Harlan Carvey - Talking about windows shell items and how they are embedded, parsed and understood. Windows shell items have greatly expanded in Windows Vista/7 and 8 in their usage and the information they now contain.

Zoltan Szabo - Talking about his digital forensics program at Richland College were they offer an associates in digital forensics.

Matt and I talking about the 9/22/13 Sunday Funday and showing how to recover the contents of a previously wiped OSX file.

Hope you enjoy and try to tune in next week to see it live!
Come back tomorrow for another Saturday Reading!

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