Daily Blog #79: Student Research and You

Daily Blog #79: Student Research and You

Hello Reader,
            Jonathan Rajewski reached out to the community on twitter asking for ideas for student research topics. I replied with an idea about shellbag testing and a student named Chad Waibel has picked up the task! You can follow his work here:

He posted the initial set of questions to be answered we came up with and is promising to update it every two weeks. Shellbags are something I have continued to rely heavily on when determining usage and theft so I'm very interested to see what he finds. The greater our ability to say with greater precision how, what, when and why an artifact is created the more powerful it becomes.

If you would like to ask additional questions or provide more tools/information to Chad his blog is soliciting comments. If you are a professor with students looking for digital forensic research projects that don't involve intense development let me know!

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