Daily Blog #70: Sunday Funday 9/1/13 - Detecting Forensic Artifacts on SSD Drive Challenge

Detecting Forensic Artifacts on SSD Drive Challenge

Hello Reader,

           It's that time again, Sunday Funday time! For those not familiar every Sunday I throw down the forensic gauntlet by asking a tough question. To the winner go the accolades of their peers and prizes hopefully worth the time they put into their answer. This week I am changing things up and letting the winner pick their choice of prizes!

The Prize:

  • A signed copy of the new book

The Rules:

  1. You must post your answer before Midnight PST (GMT -7)
  2. The most complete answer wins
  3. You are allowed to edit your answer after posting
  4. If two answers are too similar for one to win, the one with the earlier posting time wins
  5. Be specific and be thoughtful 
  6. Anonymous entries are allowed, please email them to dcowen@g-cpartners.com
  7. In order for an anonymous winner to receive a prize they must give their name to me, but i will not release it in a blog post

The Challenge:

One of things that's important in any investigation is knowing whats normal, what should be there and whats missing. On a Windows 7 system with a SSD drive what forensic artifacts no longer get created or maintained by default?

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