Daily Blog #12: DFIR Summit is coming!

DFIR Summit is coming!

Howdy Reader,
      Next week is the DFIR summit and Matthew and I have been told this is supposed to be a very technical conference compared to other forensic conferences. We considered this the gauntlet dropped and have prepared a presentation on the theory and application of journaled file system forensics for NTFS and EXT3 that should cause a few people to walk away confused.

    What's that you say EXT3 journaling? I've talked before about how this was our next focus after NTFS and we do have an alpha parser for EXT3 that does some pretty amazing things, but the triforce lead us back full force into NTFS. But since our work on and subsequent betas of the triforce we've gone back to the EXT3 file system for the summit and we may have found an alternate triforce for EXT3.

    So if you are coming to the DFIR Summit in Austin next week, get your questions ready because Matthew and I are going to be going deep and hard at 9am. Drink lots of coffee Monday morning and we'll see you there!

    For those of you in the Texas area you still have a chance to register !

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