NCCDC 2012 Wrap up post

NCCDC 2012 Wrap up post

Hello Friends,
                        This post is here to give links to the two presentations I gave at NCCDC for those interested and contacts to red team members for those interested in knowing more about what happened to them.

Red Team Debrief PPT:!848&parid=C252230F74663370!126&authkey=!AEdgB9WG-fF3pd0

Responding to the incident:!849&parid=C252230F74663370!126&authkey=!ADnYRFJV9VCMK08

Red Teamers:
Mubix @mubix on twitter
Chris Nickers: @indi303 on twitter
Ryan Jones: @lizborden on twitter

i'll get more email addresses and twitter names and update this post as I hear back from them.

If you would like to watch the red team debrief, albeit with some bad audio, you can watch it here:

Also Read: See you at CEIC

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